'S' dry clean only

This code indicates that

water based spotters or even water itself may cause :

  • Bleeding or migrating of dyes
  • General dye loss or fading
  • Fabric shrinkage
  • Browning
  • or all of the above


'W' water based clean only

This code indicates no dry cleaning products of any kind can be used.

Solvent based spotters and cleaners may cause:

  • Bleeding or migrating of dyes
  • Fabric backing to deteriorate causing the fabric to lose stability and result in weave separation.


'X' non-cleanable

Reason for this code can be due to any number of complications when the fabric is exposed to either cleaning process.

In general the fabric becomes ruined when exposed to most safe cleaning methods.

This also means water itself may ruin the fabric as well.

In the early 1980's Federal Laws were passed that all furniture manufacturers that sell in the United States are required to provide a Clean-Ability Statement for their products.

The above 3 code system' was developed to help identify the method that the fiber producer deemed safest for their finished product.

Sadly some furniture manufacturers have chosen not to place this cleaning statement physically on their finished products.

These furniture manufacturers place the statement in the accompanying paperwork or may be found on the bill of sale from the retailer.

While this technically complies with the law, sadly it misses the purpose of the label. 

This cleaning statement is to help you the consumer and the professional cleaning service to identify the safest method of maintaining your investment.

All too often these separate paper items often get misplaced or thrown out long before the need for cleaning.


Calling the retailer and asking for the cleaning statement after the purchase date does not guarantee that you will be given the correct method. An audible statement does not commit the retailer nor the manufacturer to liability if the method stated was incorrect.

Any cleaning done under these circumstances can only be done at the furniture owners' risk.

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